Internationally renowned singer, percussionist, teacher, author Alessandra Belloni - Remo Artist proudly announces her FIRST VIRTUAL PILGRIMAGE TO THE SACRED SITES OF THE BLACK MADONNA IN SOUTHERN ITALY

THE VOYAGE OF THE BLACK MADONNA Release date July 25 – live presentation July 31 As online course through TEACHABLE

Following the story of Alessandra's new book, "Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna" (Inner Traditions - Bear and Co., 2019)

THE CENTER FOR THE BLACK MADONNA’S first offering: “The Voyage of the Black Madonna Virtual Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy.”

Dear friends around the world,

For years, I’ve been bringing people on pilgrimage to the sacred sites of the Black Madonna to receive the type of healing and support that can only come from those powerful Mother Goddesses. Now I am proud to offer this pilgrimage VIRTUALLY to you, through the digital teaching platform called Teachablae.

I will take people on the same journey as I have done for almost 40 years as a devotion to the Black Madonna, and which inspired me to write both my book HEALING JOURNEYS WITH THE BLACK MADONNA (Inner Traditions | Bear and Company) and my opera THE VOYAGE OF THE BLACK MADONNA.

In “The Voyage of the Black Madonna Virtual Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy” video series, you can join me on a mystical journey of initiation, transformation, and empowerment as I unveil the secret healing power of the musical traditions of the Black Madonna.

The virtual pilgrimage includes footage I’ve filmed over forty years of documenting authentic southern Italian feste dedicated to the passionate healing practices of the Black Madonna.

Together, we visit seven sacred sites of the Black Madonna, known in the Italian folk tradition as "the Seven Sisters." They are all connected to seven Goddesses that are part of the ancient worship of Mother Earth and the Moon Goddesses, and the archetype of the African Mother. We will dance & drum our way down from Naples through Calabria to Sicily, visiting local folk musicians and intoxicatingly beautiful and romantic Southern Italian hilltops and coastal towns all while we visit the enchanting and mysterious Seven Black Madonnas.

Once enrolled in the course, you’ll find a straightforward curriculum. Each “stop” includes a video and detailed explanation, as well as an MP3 and lyrics to a sacred chant for each Madonna. You will be able to keep the course for 6 months.

Right now, I’m offering “The Voyage of the Black Madonna Virtual Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy” course at a special pre-sale price of $200; after August 30th, the cost will increase to $275. The course will be available for enrollment this week with the final offerings uploaded by July 25th. CLICK HERE FOR PURCHASE LINK ON TEACHABLE!

As a special bonus, people who enroll early will also receive an invitation to a special two-day interactive presentation beginning SATURDAY JULY 31 at 6pm EST (3pm Pacific time ) . link will be available after you register. This special event will feature my lecture and guide through the Episodes, sacred chants and live music from our Opera “ the Voyage of the Black Madonna” with composer and guitarist John La Barbera. We will end with Q&A.

Please see the detailed description of the episodes below! If you have questions and for more information please contact: Alessandra Belloni at or

I am happy to share this very personal journey with you, one which will transform your life! Blessings to all,

Alessandra Belloni