3-Day Workshop / Lecture series on Zoom In order to participate, RSVP and you will receive an e-mail with invitation links to the 3 workshops by October 8 If you don't receive the e-mail by then, contact us at casa.italiana@nyu.edu


I Giullari di Piazza

Alessandra Belloni Singer, percussionist, teacher Author of Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna

John La Barbera, composer, guitarist Joe Deninzon, violin, vocals Francesca Silvano, dancer

And guest speakers

Day 1 of 3:

Presentation: Myths and legends of Southern Italy Ancient sacred sites of the Black Madonna Alessandra Belloni's personal healing journey and research

Guest speaker Armando Mei on the Egyptian myth of Isis in Southern Italy

Chants in honor of the Madonna di Montevergine and the Madonna della Libera with Alessandra Belloni and John La Barbera

Traditional sacred dances in honor of the Black Madonna (Tammurriata) with Alessandra Belloni and Francesca Silvano


REQUIREMENTS: Participants in the dance workshops should be barefoot, or wear comfortable shoes, and if possible everyone should wear white and red clothes, also use red ribbons. The sessions are held in a way that gives students the feeling of being part of the ritual