DRUMS & SONGS OF ILLUMINATION' An interactive Winter Solstice Celebration


ALESSANDRA BELLONI, JOHN LA BARBERA & I GIULLARI DI PIAZZA present DRUMS & SONGS OF ILLUMINATION' A Multicultural Winter Solstice Celebration online Featuring Southern Italian, Indian, Native American & Brazilian ritual music & drumming and healing chants

Sunday December 19 at 6:00pm EST

Special guests : Actress, singer, director, Muriel Borst – Silver Clouds Singers
Bansuri Flutes master: Steve Gorn

On Zoom – you will receive the link after registration Special reduced price: $ 30.00 pay with VENMO @Alessandra-Belloni - ZELLE or https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drums-and-songs-of-illumination-an-online-winter-solstice-celebration-tickets-227888619997?fbclid=IwAR0PXxYa0oeZdsNmWfPer3bz22mdCqEtMZjMcNQJD8x8cy5n7dYlp3EYHpA

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"This special concert is inspired by the need to bring LIGHT, during the SOLSTICE, in this time of darkness, and celebrating rebirth.

dedicated to the memory of Kevin Tarrant , singer, drummer, director of the SILVERCLOUD SINGERS who passed away from COVID in 2020. His Wife Muriel Borst will be honoring him in this presentation.

The show is rich with songs, tarantellas, and magic rituals used to cure the mythical bite of the tarantula, along with healing chants and ritual drumming in honor of the Black Madonna and the healing trance dance called the Pizzica Tarantata.
With its authentic music and instrumentation, Belloni and company here bring together the fascinating and very similar legends, traditions and musical rhythms of Southern Italy, India and Native American and Brazil.
And, as always we invite the audience and viewers to join for joyous tarantella dances and chanting Artistic Director Alessandra Belloni has gathered a remarkable group of musicians/vocalists/dancers for a new version of " Healing Music of Illumination," noting that its purpose is "to invoke World Healing”

Steve Gorn explores the transformative power of music. His Indian bansuri flute is said to re-align the cells, and bring the healing breath of the sacred to our demanding contemporary lives. His music is grounded in Indian classical raga music, and what arises in improvisation is always fresh and an invitation to settle the mind. All will send good vibrations into the air as a collective ritual of purification."
With music both ancient and new, they create a bridge between ancient rituals and modern rhythms into a vibrant musical tapestry.

The repertory will include: • Tarantellas from Southern Italy, including the authentic Pizzica Tarantata This healing trance dance from Puglia was used as music and dance therapy to cure the mythical bite of the tarantula. Tarantellas have been used as healing trance therapy and musical exorcism, dating back to the ancient Greek rites of Dyonisus; • • Original compositions and arrangements by composer guitarist, John La Barbera & Healing chants and drumming in honor of the Black Madonna composed by La Barbera & Alessandra Belloni for the Opera the VOYAGE OF THE BLACK MADONNA”.

• Steve Gorn will play a Raga from India, to settle the mind and offer healing to the earth

• Afro Brazilian chants in honor the Goddess of Love and the Sea, from the Yoruba Tradition as well as original compositions.

• Native American ritual singing and drumming from different nations and tribes across North America, and story telling by Muriel Borst director of the Silver Clouds Native American Singers and Dancers

Alessandra Belloni, I GIullari di Piazza, Muriel Borst, and the Silvercloud Singers have enjoyed a long collaboration celebrating and exploring the rhythmic similarities between Southern Italian and other cultures by blending various chants, music and percussion instruments.

The Cast:

Alessandra Belloni - artistic director, voice, percussion, ritual dance.
John La Barbera- Music Director, classical guitar chitaara battente Joe Deninzon – violin, vocals Gypsy Joe – vocals, accordion, tambourine dancers: Francesca Silvano, Peter de Geronimo – Steve Gorn- bansuri flutes Murielle Borst - vocals, drums- story telling

Special guest drummers from Italy to be announced REVIEW of DRUMS OF ILLMUNIATION December 2019 New York Theater Wire – Paul Berss

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9YDuAPa_mw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al9_6evJsqc In "Dreams of Illumination," Alessandra Belloni, a renowned percussionist and authority on Southern Italian traditional music, dance and theater, had the winning idea of presenting music that celebrates peace and healing representing three different cultures. This was realized at Theater for the New City with the presentation of her own I Giullari di Piazza (The Jesters of the Square), members of the Native American SilverCloud Singers and Dancers and African percussionist Kevin Nathaniel. The uniting of these three cultures--Southern Italian, African, and Native American--provided a unique and much appreciated experience for the audience, which included Mayor de Blasio and his wife. The program was true to the theme of unity, peace and healing, with musical and dance prayers for the healing of the planet, music and dancing to honor the Black Madonna, lullabies, and healing chants and dances, most native to their respective cultures. A truly unique program - entertaining, educational, great music and, as the program states, "inspired by the need to bring Light during the Solstice into this time of darkness."

Drum Magazine noted that "Italian-born virtuoso Alessandra Belloni is established as a unique phenomenon, not just a percussionist, but also an actress, lecturer, entertainer, and healer."

Jon Pareles of The New York Times, reviewing an I Giullari di Piazza show, remarked that "Ms. Belloni sang in an exultant voice. The songs blazed with an age-old momentum."

For more information, please visit these links: www.alessandrabelloni.com www.youtube.com/alessandrabelloni www.youtube.com/alessandrabella7 www.tigerbill.com/media/cbsergio05.wmv www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvZp03pj9L4 www.theaterforthenewcity.net/drums.htm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb8gHNZ140E&feature=share ;;