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Annual Voyage of the Black Madonna Tour in Campania

Exact dates TBD! Summer 2023 Campania, Italy

EXACT DATES TBD-- Coming Summer 2023!! This retreat will be a full immersion into the ancient drumming traditions and devotional chants in Honor of the Black Madonna, which can only be truly experienced in the sacred mountains and healing waters of the Mother Land. This powerful journey will introduce and transport students to a time and place where an unbroken and ancient tradition continues today with folk music, processions, devotional drumming, and dance.

Following Alessandra Belloni’s vision as part of the Black Madonna Center, this summer students will have the special opportunity to study and tour the area of Naples in the region of Campania. For details see: https://alessandrabelloni.com/voyage-of-the-black-madonna-tour-in-southern-italy

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Rhythm is the Cure Workshop


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A musician: 

"I remember that moment, when I finally utterly let go, and didn't worry about the steps, and let my body release to the rhythm & drum in my own way. It was a new awareness, like an ecstasy, a higher place. I think being in that private, dark crypt gave it an extra air of mysticism and power, too. I felt a strong spiritual bonding across the ages, connecting with women's energy. With the rhythm, the power of the steps, the releasing -- well, the cysts disappeared quite soon after."


Prof Dolores Deluise:

"I found you, Alessandra, to be a spectacular teacher. You are patient kind and giving and a NOT accepting efforts that are not a person's best.  At the same time I found you  compassionate inspiring and supportive. The pain in my hands (arthritis) was completely gone by the third day (after the first tambourine class) I am pain free  and I am eternally grateful to you."