AfroRoots/WHAM Festival at Goddard Riverside - The Black Madonna and the Tarantata

Online - via Zoom

The WHAM Festival at Goddard Riverside and Afro Roots Tuesdays celebrate Woman's History Month with a true icon... INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED SINGER, PERCUSSIONIST, TEACHER ALESSANDRA BELLONI! AUTHOR OF THE BOOK “HEALING JOURNEYS WITH THE BLACK MADONNA” published by Inner Traditions - Bear & Co.- rated among best sellers on Amazon, under dance.

Presents: THE BLACK MADONNA & THE TARANTA HEALING MUSIC FROM SOUTHERN ITALY – with dancer FRANCESCA SILVANO and other guest musicians and speakers.  Featuring the Southern Italian Musical and healing dance traditions of the Black Madonna and the Tarantella. Alessandra will open with a short presentation about myths & legends in the South of Italy and the ancient sacred sites of the Black Madonna. Alessandra will speak about her personal healing journey with the Black Madonna, and her unique research that led her to write her book, Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna.