Alessandra Belloni is offering SINGING classes, every other WEDNESDAY at 6:30 pm EST and every other FRIDAY at 6:30 pm EST,teaching the special Southern Italian folk song repertoire, with guitarist, composer, music director John La Barbera.


She will guide you to find the pitch, to sing the melodies and harmonize too. It is a great addition to work on singing the songs for students that are separately learning the drumming.  


The classes have a small group of students, and the cost is $50 for 90 minutes. You can register using VENMO, ZELLE or this link


It is requested that you register for two classes in advance. We plan to hold a minimum of 8 sessions per cycle.


Classes will be  following my books:  

RHYTHM IS THE CURE with Mel Bay Publications &  

HEALING JOURNEYS WITH THE BLACK MADONNA published by Inner Traditions - Bear & Company –  

You can also order John's mandolin and guitar books (good for violin as well) with all the lyrics from our repertoire. or email


Each lesson will feature songs from a specific southern Italian region, Campania, Calabria, Puglia, Sicily, Lazio and will be divided  in: Introduction of the folk music style- I will be describing the history, the myths and legends that are part of this rich ancient folk tradition. We will study sacred healing chants in honor of the Black Madonna .  

Also work chants and protest songs, the beautiful  the Renaissance love songs, called Neapolitan Villanella in 3 part harmonies, some ballads,  and various tarantellas from different regions.