The Cathedral of St John the Divine presents: ALESSANDRA BELLONI with I GIULLARI DI PIAZZA 

Artists in Residence in a special concert: 


based on Alessandra’s Book: Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna Featuring foreword by bestselling author Matthew Fox 

Published by Inner Traditions - Bear & Company 


1047 Amsterdam Avenue & 112 Street, tickets $ 35

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The concert will feature: Alessandra Belloni - Artistic Director, Percussions and Vocals- 
John La Barbera - Music Director, Composer, Guitar, Mandolin, Chitarra Battente 
Joe Deninzon: Violin, mandolin and vocals 

Wilson Montuori - Guitar 
Steve Gorn - Bansuri Flutes, Saxophones, Clarinet 
DANCERS: Francesca Silvano, Peter De Geronimo, Mark Mindek - Stilt Dancer 

Join Alessandra Belloni, John La Barbera and I GIULLARI DI PIAZZA with the Black Madonna Center as they open a portal into the sacred sites of the mysterious Black Madonna in Italy and around the world. The concert is an enchanting journey of discovery of the seven Black Madonnas, following the ancient Neapolitan legend, known as the "Seven Sisters" in Southern Italy. This trip into traditional legends, miracles and history, transports audiences to a time and place where an unbroken and ancient tradition continues today. 

The traditional music includes the ancient chant to the Madonna of Montevergine (Avellino) from the region of Campania the Black Madonna known as Mamma Schiavona, the Serving Mother, who is considered the most important of the seven sisters. She continues to be venerated on a high sacred mountain, which pilgrims still climb barefoot while chanting and drumming in her honor.  The drumming is known as TAMMORRIATA, a sensual dance which dates back to the rites of the Mother Earth  Goddess Cybele, now worshiped as the Black Madonna. It also features new original compositions by Alessandra Belloni dedicated to the Earth Goddess, and the Yoruba African Orishas, Ochun, Yemanja, the Black Madonna of the Gypsies form France and the Mary Magdalen. 

Very Proud to finally go back to perform in the most Sacred space in New York, where we are artist in residence , First time since 2019! 

Through this musical journey , we will visit some of the sacred sites of the Black Madonna in Southern Italy, known in the Italian folk tradition as "the Seven Sisters." 

 In Campania the legend says that there were seven Madonnas, all sisters. The last one was believed to be the ugliest so she ran away to a high mountain “Mount Partenio”  so that the pilgrims had to search hard to find her. When they found Her they saw that she was the most beautiful of all, She was Black and they called her “Mamma Schiavona” the nurturing, serving mother, to be found now in MONTEVERGINE. 

This ancient devotion to the Black Madonna of Montevergine – Mamma Schiavona, is part also of the  tradition of the “femminielli” (gay and transgender)  going back to pre-Christian devotion to the Earth Goddess Cybele. 

These Madonnas are connected to seven Goddesses that are part of the ancient worship of Mother Earth and the Moon Goddesses, and Cybele from Anatolia (Turkey). and the archetype of the African Mother, especially Isis from Egypt. 

People will be taken on a mystical journey of empowerment as we unveil the healing power of the musical traditions of the Black Madonna. 

Following Alessandra's book, "Healing Journeys with the Black Madonna" (Inner Traditions Bear and Co., 2019) Madonna-Practices/dp/15914