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Laurie Beechman Theater, 407 West 42nd Street, New York, NY


Celebrating Italian and Italian American Women in New York. Produced by Vanessa Racci

75 minute show   $25 to  $30 ticket price yet (all patrons subject to $50 food and beverage charge) Location: The Laurie Beechman Theater - Downstairs at the West Bank Cafe (407 West 42nd Street Between 9th and 10th avenues) Performers:

Internationally renowned singer, percussionist  director, author Alessandra Belloni presents: 

 a special performance o: "TARANTATA" -featuring excerpts from the production SPIDER DANCE, South Italian Tarantella trance dances, ritual drumming and healing chants for the Black Madonna,Mara Gerety violin and dancers Francesca Silvano and Greta Campo.with  ALSO FEATURING  Vanessa Racci: Italian Jazz Singer Jenna Esposito: Italian Pop Singer  Regina Decicco: Comedian Maria Dimmino: Comedian


Tarantella Workshop

DAYA YOGA, 360 Jefferson Street, New York, NY


SUNDAY MARCH 8  - 8:00pm

Daya Yoga Studio 360 Jefferson St, New York, New York 11237

Early Bird $40 :: Day Of $50

Join us at Daya Yoga Studio for a day of experiencing the healing power of Southern Italian tarantella rhythms and dance with internationally renowned singer, percussionist, and teacher, Alessandra Belloni. We’ll learn the traditional ancient healing trance dance of the tarantella, used to cure the mythical bite of the tarantula, in use for centuries throughout the Mediterranean. We’ll create a community healing ritual as our bodies move in ways that help us to open the energy points and stay grounded.

featuring : THE PIZZICA TARANTATA or Spider Dance– This erotic and dynamic ritual dance originated as a cure for the mythical bite of the Tarantula, a condition causing a mental disease called tarantismo, which afflicted mainly women (tarantate) in Southern Italy. The wild rhythm of the Pizzica, played on medium size tambourines and accompanied by dance was performed as an exorcism ritual which produced a trance-like state beneficial for the healing of many disorders and imbalances. As part of a re-enactment of this healing ritual, Alessandra will lead the participants in a circle dance accompanied by her magic tambourine 6/8 rhythm and singing. During the ritual each student will learn the steps of the Pizzica, which means “ bite,” building up to a culmination where each student will enter the circle and lay down upon a white sheet, surrounded by red ribbons, and emulate "Spider" like movements on the ground, releasing stress and blockages of sexual energy, as well as opening the heart and throat chakras. The dance comes to completion as each participant dances their way out of an imaginary “Spider Web", achieve inner balance and relief of stress while restoring spiritual and physical energy is a major theme of this work.  

We’ll also learn a unique style of traditional Southern Italian tambourine playing, including variations of the basic 6/8 rhythm of the Tarantella. These rhythms and movements represent an unbroken chain of inspiration and expression of sound and dance, dating back to the rites of the Mother Earth Goddess Cybele, and kept alive into the present. We will learn the history of this powerful tambourine style, traditionally done by women. Empowering women to get in touch with their ancient roots.

  MORE INFORMATION Observation on the tarantella. It has been used in Italy and the Mediterranean for centuries to cure people, mainly women, who suffered a form of mental depression known as tarantismo, attributed to the mythical bite of the tarantula. According to what Alessandra observed in her practice and personal experience in teaching healing workshops around the world, “tarantismo” may be defined as depression, suicide mania, hysteria, aggression, and sexual dysfunction resulting from sexual abuse. In modern day music therapy the tarantella rhythm targets especially women who have been abused and suffer from emotional and physical disorders, including cysts, dysplasia, irregular bleeding, and early menopause.

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Rhythm is the Cure Workshop

Rhythm is the Cure is an intensive healing workshop featuring Southern Italian ritual dances used as music and dance therapy for centuries throughout the Mediterranean. Participants will learn the unique style of tambourine playing and the ancient healing trance dance of the tarantella, used to cure the mythical bite of the tarantula.

The number of participants and length of the workshop can be customized to your needs--one day to 10 days is possible.

Contact Alessandra for more details and to discuss programming Rhythm is the Cure near you!

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I Giullari di Piazza is the only performing troupe in America devoted to the creation of new musical and theatrical productions reviving the old traditions of southern Italian music, theatre, and dance, combined with folk legends, myths, and Commedia dell’Arte.

The company was founded in 1980 by artistic director, singer, and actress Alessandra Belloni, together with music director, composer, and classical guitarist John La Barbera. Together the directors have produced a wide repertoire based on twenty years of field and academic research. I Giullari di Piazza are artists-in-residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.

. I Giullari di Piazza are artists-in-residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. The company has performed at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Carnegie Hall, the Caramoor Center for Music & the Arts (where they also teach Commedia dell'Arte), Madison Square Garden, the Smithsonian Institute, the Metropolitan Museum, Giants Stadium, & the Cleveland Museum of Art. They have toured in Hawaii, California, Illinois, Canada, Florida (Epcot Center/Disneyworld), Pennsylvania, & elsewhere. The company was featured in a National Geographic Documentary on spiders directed by Jeff Morales, entitled “SPIDER SEX” with the authentic Tarantella dance as a healing trance ritual. Alessandra & the company are looking for a label to release a CD of the music from “SPIDER DANCE” – featuring the new techno-tarantella and at the moment they are also looking for management. If you are interested in helping the group in this important moment you can also contact: Audrey Ross at AudreyPub@aol.com or Alessandra Belloni at: ABelloni@aol.com


I Giullari di Piazza’s
mission is to educate audiences, both in theatres and schools, on the rich southern Italian folklore, through concerts, theatrical productions and workshops, all of which are based on extensive library and field research by Directors Alessandra Belloni and John La Barbera. Our troupe specializes on the improvisational style of Commedia dell’Arte theatre, with music and dance, using masks and giant puppets, and combining mythic rituals of Pre-Christian origins. Through the creation of new work based on these old traditions, our goal is to encourage Italian-American awareness, interest and pride in this rich ethnic heritage which has been lost due to integration and assimilation into the American culture.

I Giullari has performed at major theatres such as: Carnegie Hall in New York and Pittsburgh, Lincoln Center, Metropolitan Museum, Madison Square Garden, St. John the Divine, St. Mark’s Church, Symphony Space, and toured to Smithsonian Institute, Dept. or Cultural Affairs in Chicago, Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Epcot Center in Florida.